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-Opening your senses

Champagne is our passion

We at Sabrera have arranged champagne tastings and sabre trainings since 2006. The interest for champagne is still growing and everyone is eager to learn more. This is so much fun for us since we think that this wine is not just for celebrating birthdays, New Years eveor other anniversaries. Our goal is to take away all the drama around this fantastic bubbly wine with knowledge and humour. We want it to have it's place both on the big occasions,  but also when spring cleaning is done in the garden or any old Thuesday when you have had a great or terrible day.


So try to look beyond the poshyness and Bond in his black tuxedo. We will give you a night to remember where we unveal the secrets of this mythical and legendary wine. Open your senses.


Klas and Sara


About us

Sara Waldenfors, founder and event planner

I have a big passion for making people happy. Either in the small day to day things or in the big celebrations. I do custom made anniversary events for everything from diamond wedding partners to birthdays. Everything is based on a personal meeting with you as a customer to be able to get a sense of what you expectations are. Then I set up a, usually secret schedule, for a whole day or several days. Everything can happen and important questions will be answered. I also work as a minister in the Swedish Church and it was from bringing people together and my passion for the finer things in life that this idea came to be.

Klas Waldenfors, founder and champagne trainer

Champagne became a big part of my life after a couple of friends wanted me to come to the region with them. Ever since I have loved those fantastic bubbles and tales around them. Now 12 years later I have had several trainings but the best way to learn is to try a lot of different wines. Love going back to the region and collecting the rare gems that can't be found back home. Have held tastings and trainings for private and company events and for Munskänkarna (Swedish wine community)



Champagne is the most amazing beverage. It dates back to the Romans but it was not until the 18th century that wine maker where able to control the very delicate process of storing bubbles in a bottle.

Our philosophy about drinking champagne is much like the  late Lily Bollinger who had this saying: 

I drink it when I am happy and when I am sad.

Sometimes I drink it when I am alone.

When I have company I consider it obligatory.

I trifle with it when I am not hungry and I drink it when I am.

Otherwise I never touch it - unless I am thirsty.

Since it is such a wonderful beverage you should not keep it for special occasions only. It is not dangerous, it is not posh, it is not just wine and it is not to good for you. It is just champagne.


Prices for Saras events are always decided during the personal meeting before the event since they can be very different depending on what you are looking for.

All tastings can be tailored for your needs but here are the basics.

Champagne tastings

Basic tasting with four wines. Walking you through the champagne method, the grapes and what makes this wine great. All your question marks will be sorted out.

550 SEK/person

Advanced tasting with six wines. Provides a better understanding about the area, the terroir and the history behind this magnificent wine. 

700 SEK/person

Venue is provided by you if nothing else is decided.  For more information please contact us.

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